His & HER (2Robe Bundle)


Get our 2 Robe Bundle & Save!

You’ll receive SCR 500.00 discount and FREE Shipping/Delivery when you order our 2Robe bundle this Valentine’s Day.

Our beach robes are perfect for the Seychelles climate . . . but who says you should only use them on the beach – they’re perfect for the bathroom, around the pool, days on the boat or relaxing around home too!

*HOW TO: Add your chosen bundle to the cart and check out. Once you’ve completed your order, you’ll be able to select the robes you would like to receive. We’ll email you the link and further instructions.
** To avoid disappointment, please make sure the robes you would like to choose are in stock. CLICK HERE to check the the currently available Arzi Robe colour and size options available.

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