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Born on a beach on Mahé Island and inspired by the beauty of Seychelles, our collection of Arzi Towels is our answer to the perfect beach, lifestyle & travel towel. Our goal was simple - the perfect towel with all the pros, none of the cons. Sand-Resistant, quick-drying, light and compact - it's all the things you would expect from a great beach & travel towel. But three things kept us striving for perfection - Sustainability, Durability & Luxury. Other similar products. . .


...are made with synthetic (earth-harming) fibres and, well, feel like sandpaper! But that's what sets an Arzi towel apart. Not only is it better for the planet using Long-Fibre 100% Organic Agean Cotton, but it’s known to be up to two times more durable than Egyptian & Pima Cottons and prized for its naturally soft and luxurious essence. The traditional flat-woven techniqes used also ensure all Arzi towels are naturally sand-resistant too!

  • All Arzi towels are artisanally woven by traditional family run loomeries, so you're supporting local communities, not industrial factories.
  • Arzi Towels are perfect for the beach, poolside, travel or even at home. You'll love how soft they are to start - and how they get even softer overtime with each use.
You'll love using your Arzi Aeon towel, wherever your adventures may lead you! Which one will you choose?

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1. Door-to-Door Delivery available Mahé only
2. Free Collection option available in Bel Ombre, Beau Vallon & Victoria*
3. We can send via Registered mail to Mahé, Praslin & La Digue. 2-4 days
4. We can send via CatCocos to Praslin & La Digue, collect from Jetty.

1. Payment by Bank Transfer, Invoice sent after checkout & order confirmation
2. Cash-On-Delivery available for Bel Ombre collections and door-to-door deliveries only
3. Direct online payments coming soon.
4. JUICE Payments available for MCB customers.

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